Английские тесты

September 18, 2020

№ 1. The batteries in my digital camera are nearly dead. They need ... .

а. to change

б. changed

в. exchanging

г. changing

№ 2. The Intel Core 2 Cuo processor is a real bonus, allowing the computer to ... tasks faster than earlier MacBook models.

а. make

б. download

в. perform

г. guard

№ 3. The 160GB hard drive is large enough to ... all of my music, photos and videos.

а. built in

б. diplay

в. download

г. store

№ 4. I didn’t even need to buy an external ... – the widescreen 17” display is easy to look at.

а. monitor

б. processor

в. records

г. data

№ 5. Another great feature is the ... iSight camera which can be used for webchats.

а. demonstrated

б. personal

в. output

г. built-in

№ 6. Software updates are easy, too: if you’re ... – just surfing the Web or checking email – an updates becomes available.

а. offline

б. in process

в. digital

г. online

№ 7. Every time you can transmit ... from your computer on the Internet.

а. data

б. collector

в. processor

г. storage

№ 8. The only criticism I have is the lack of a good ..., such as Microsoft Word.

а. data

б. firewall

в. widescreen

г. word processor

№ 9. We will not ... of your online activities.

а. display data

б. keep records

в. download data

г. start off the computer

№ 10. Skype lets you ... over the Internet for free.

а. display data

б. make calls

в. send papers

г. perform tasks

№ 11. Our secure server allows you to ... with absolute confidence.

а. carry out transactions

б. provide information

в. send texts

г. store information

№ 12. With both wired and wireless versions to choose from ... is the most convenient to wander the screen.

а. CPU

б. remore control

в. printer

г. mouse

№ 13. Thanks to Wi-Fi, it’s now easy to ... from cafes, hotels, parks and many other public places.

а. access the Internet

б. give presentations

в. display data

г. complete exercises

№ 14. Online banking lets you ... between your accounts easily and securely.

а. display data

б. do research

в. store information

г. transfer money

№ 15. Skype is a thechnology that enables users to ... over the Internet for free.

а. write letters

б. make calls

в. keep records

г. carry out transactions

№ 16. In many universities students are encouraged to ... using PowerPoint in order to make their tasks more visually attractive.

а. make presentations

б. do research

в. complete exercises

г. access the Internet

№ 17. With the latest mobile phones, you can ... with multimedia attachments – pictures, audio, even video.

а. record the database

б. collect the monetary

в. store information

г. integrate to PC

№ 18. The computer is the ... between the keyboard which you play and the sunthesizers which produce the sounds.

а. connector

б. link

в. draft

г. way

№ 19. We use computer ... electrical installations and lighting systems.

а. to carry out

б. to design

в. to operate

г. to transmit

№ 20. ... is any electronic or mechanical part you can see or touch.

а. Output device

б. Central Processing Unit

в. Software

г. Hardware

№ 21. The most common ... devices are the mouse and the keyboard.

а. output

б. integral

в. input

г. storage

№ 22. ... holds the instructions and data which are being processed by the CPU.

а. A flash card

б. The hard disk

в. The main memory

г. A digital camera

№ 23. A computer ... hardware and software.

а. includes

б. characterises

в. consists of

г. combines

№ 24. Peripherals ... three types: input, output and storage devices.

а. are configured to

б. are divided into

в. are classifying for

г. are combined with

№ 25. Nowadays ... can work in very low light conditions.

а. flash card

б. mainframe

в. webcamera

г. DVD

№ 26. What does it mean “As soon as it went offline, every PC on the network crashed”?

а. mainframe

б. tablet PC

в. desktop PC

г. PDA

№ 27. One of the largest units of memory is a ... – equivalent to all the books in a large library.

а. kilobyte

б. megabyte

в. terabyte

г. gigabyte

№ 28. The ... is the part of the processor which is responsible for loading and interpreting the individual instructions that make up a computer program.

а. chip

б. clock speed

в. buses

г. control unit

№ 29. ... are electrical channels that allow devices inside the computer to communicate.

а. Buses

б. Roads

в. Rays

г. Trolleys

№ 30. A computer looks as memory as a long sequence of numbered ... .

а. storage locations

б. switches

в. instructions

г. integrated card

№ 31. A ... is a register or memory word whose value is an address.

а. label

б. code

в. pointer

г. programme

№ 32. Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build networks to ..., and develop ways to make computers faster, smaller and more capable.

а. tranlate data

б. transform data

в. transmit data

г. transfer data

№ 33. ... research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers.

а. Computer designers

б. Computer manufacturers

в. Computer software engineers

г. Computer hardware engineers

№ 34. In our office we’ve set up a ... network.

а. wireless

б. out of wire

в. wires off

г. wire-free

№ 35. Turn on your computer. It will usually take a few minutes to ... .

а. boot itself

б. bate out

в. beet off

г. boot up

№ 36. I don’t think this printer is ... with my computer.

а. suitable

б. connectable

в. practical

г. compatible

№ 37. Scanners, printers and webcams are ... .

а. extras

б. peripherals

в. externals

г. high-tech set

№ 38. ... is a set of programs that makes computers perform various tasks.

а. Drive

б. Hardware

в. Floppy disk

г. Software

№ 39. The projector isn’t working because it isn’t ... .

а. plugged by

б. plugged away

в. plugged

г. plugged in

№ 40. RAM temporally stores data and program instructions when they are being ... .

а. made

б. finished

в. processed

г. cultivated

№ 41. Computer engineers use many of the principles and techniques of electrical engineering and ... .

а. computer science

б. aircrafting

в. microscope science

г. space science

№ 42. Some fashionable computer architectures include ... and non-uniform memory access.

а. cluster computing

б. electronics computing

в. memory storage unit

г. computer programing

№ 43. Computer software is the ... component of computer.

а. non-tangible

б. unintegrated

в. divided

г. unique

№ 44. Software consists of clearly ... that upon execution intructs hardware to perform the tasks for which it is designed.

а. defined instructions

б. designed programs

в. physical elements

г. chosen units

№ 45. A machine language consists of ... signifying processor instructions that change the state of the computer from its preceding state.

а. storage location

б. executable code

в. integrated elements

г. binary values

№ 46. Software is usually written in ... that are easier and more efficient for humans to use than machine language.

а. assembly language

б. machine language

в. natural language

г. high-level programming languages

№ 47. Some fields as computational complexity theory are highly abstract, while fields such as ... emphasize real-world visual applications.

а. scientific computation

б. information science

в. computer graphics

г. computer memory

№ 48. ... is the general-purpose processor-chip.

а. Magnetic core

б. Vacuum tube

в. Microprocessor

г. Cumbersome

№ 49. I can’t use my mobile phone. The battery’s ... .

а. thin

б. over

в. flat

г. exhausted

№ 50. My video camera is very ... .

а. easy to use

б. light in using

в. uncomplicated

г. obvious

№ 51. When you connect this to your computer, it will work immediately. It’s ... .

а. plug and go

б. plug and play

в. plug and make

г. plug and use

№ 52. You can’t use your mobile in a cave because there’s no ... .

а. cable

б. network

в. connection

г. power

№ 53. The battery in my mobile phone is low. Have you seen my ... .

а. charging machine

б. charge point

в. charger

г. recharger

№ 54. When you send a text message, the ... function can help you to write it more quickly.

а. predicter

б. predicting text

в. predictive text

г. text predictor

№ 55. The electronic mouse is the most popular ... used to move the cursor on the screen.

а. pointing hardware

б. indicating equipment

в. pointing device

г. indicating device

№ 56. Which network has the lowest ... ?

а. call pays

б. call costs

в. call charges

г. call expenses

№ 57. A browser is a ... written specifically to enable users to easily navigate the Internet.

а. software program

б. system board

в. computer equipment

г. hardware program

№ 58. When you pay by credit card, your card is ... .

а. swooped

б. swoped

в. swiped

г. swapped

№ 59. You can draw directly onto a computer screen with a ... .

а. light pen

б. shining pen

в. bright pen

г. pixel pen

№ 60. With a wireless router, you can ... your broadband connection with other users.

а. mix

б. combine

в. share

г. divide

№ 61. You can connect a USB plug to a PS/2 port by using ... .

а. an antenna

б. a connector

в. an adaptor

г. a bridge

№ 62. Having knowledge of Computer Science doesn’t ... us wise.

а. do

б. give

в. make

г. realize

№ 63. Engineering is the application of scientific, economic, and practical knowledge in order ... .

а. to display

б. to perform

в. to design

г. to operate

№ 64. The discipline of engineering encompasses a range of more specialized ... .

а. companies of engineering

б. fields of engineering

в. applications of engineering

г. programs of engineering

№ 65. Electrical engineers work in a very wide range of industries and need some special ... and equipment.

а. circuits

б. elements

в. instrumentations

г. tools

№ 66. ... is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production.

а. hardware engineering

б. architectural engineering

в. electrical engineering

г. software engineering

№ 67. With modern computers ... data has never been more simple than now.

а. storing

б. searching

в. collecting

г. gathering

№ 68. All data is stored on special ... .

а. flash card

б. CPU

в. hard disk

г. cable

№ 69. Nowadays techniques of ... from paper to digital form has also tremendously developed.

а. transforming data

б. converting data

в. transmitting data

г. interpreting data

№ 70. Each time you want to connect to your ISP’s system, you have to enter a log-in name and a ... .

а. safe word

б. security word

в. parole

г. password

№ 71. When your computer is not connected to the internet, it is ... .

а. off the line

б. offline

в. out of line

г. out of site

№ 72. Programming with numbers alone made ... the computer difficult.

а. processing

б. operating

в. taking

г. using

№ 73. An integrated circuit is a complete set of electronic circuits on a ... .

а. drive

б. disk

в. chip

г. card

№ 74. Pointing devices are a better alternative for ... commands.

а. issuing

б. printing

в. rescuing

г. creating

№ 75. The Internet is much faster with a broadband connection than with ... .

а. speak-up

б. phone-up

в. call-up

г. dial-up

№ 76. A computer is an electronic ..., operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit.

а. device

б. instrument

в. machine

г. apparatus

№ 77. Often the term computer system is used to describe a collection of devices that function together to ... .

а. scan documents

б. send messages

в. make calls

г. process data

№ 78. For many years Windows Operating System was very unstable and that’s why many other ... were written.

а. CD

б. RAM

в. CPU

г. OS

№ 79. Two basic technologies have been responsible for the development of the necessary hardware: integrated circuits and ... .

а. information systems

б. computering process

в. digital data

г. digital communications

№ 80. ... software products have been made to create, maintain, and manipulate.

а. siply used

б. just-used-too

в. to-easy-use

г. easy-to use

№ 81. Software products have been made to ... and records.

а. use information

б. provide data

в. make folders

г. query files

№ 82. Another important factor is the development of ... .

а. computer processing

б. computer advantages

в. computer networks

г. computering devices

№ 83. Do these two laptops have similar ... ?

а. specs

б. usage

в. characterizing

г. functions

№ 84. This laptop has got a Pentium Dial Core processor ... at 1.4Ghz.

а. processing

б. having

в. storing

г. running

№ 85. OK and what’s the ... capacity of each model?

а. hard disk

б. storage

в. software

г. processor

№ 86. These two laptops ... DVD writers, so backup onto DVD is quick and easy.

а. fulfil

б. feature

в. specify

г. characterize

№ 87. The computer monitor will ... so that you can see it on screen.

а. transfer data

б. display data

в. transmit data

г. restore data

№ 88. In order to organize data you should ... where you can store data.

а. expand CPU

б. create files

в. integrate data

г. display information

№ 89. Spreadsheet and graphic software are examples of ... .

а. integrated circuits

б. plugged ports

в. plugged slots

г. integrated elements

№ 90. The part of the computer which interprets and carries out instructions is the ... .

а. expansion card

б. central processing unit

в. hard disk

г. integrated card

№ 91. Each network operates according to a set of computer programs called network ... for computers to talk to one another.

а. lists

б. units

в. processor

г. protocols

№ 92. Computer networks can now be interconnected efficiently through ... .

а. bandwidth

б. gateways

в. optical fibre

г. transmission speed

№ 93. Cables consisting of several copper wires each with a shield are known as ... cables.

а. twisted pair

б. electrical cables

в. optical fibre

г. power cables

№ 94. If you transfer a file from a remote computer to your computer, you ... .

а. run

б. operate

в. upload

г. download

№ 95. A small rectangular touch-sensitive surface usually placed bellow the keyboard is called ...

а. tachpaid

б. taugchpad

в. tachped

г. touchpad

№ 96. The biggest problem is when our hard disk ... because of the data stored on it.

а. breakes down

б. runs of

в. distroys

г. crash down

№ 97. An ... can be inserted in your computer to give it extra capabilities.

а. software products

б. expansion card

в. digital information

г. central circuits

№ 98. A document containing information and graphics that can be accessed on the Internet is ... .

а. the World Wide Web

б. a web page

в. a network

г. a website

№ 99. The Web has revolutionized the way people ... with sites such as Google and Wikipedia, you can find the information you need in seconds.

а. carry out transactions

б. perform operations

в. process databases

г. transfer money

№ 100. You can increase the functions or performance of a computer with an ... .

а. exploding card

б. extension card

в. exploring card

г. expansion card