Sony Corporation

September 19, 2020

I would like to describe one company . Its name is Sony Corporation. It was a founded in 1946. Then it counted 20 persons and the capital at the very beginning was about 500 dollars of the USA. Since 2012 the president of the company is Kazuo Kirai. The main ideas of philosophy of this company are following: You must create such things that are were not created before, you must be a step earlier than your opponents. It is a parent company of Sony Group. There are many divisions of Sony Corporation all over the world. The headquarters of the Sony Corporation is located in New York. There are many subsidiaries of this company in different countries from all over the world. For example, Sony Finance international, Sony Enterprise and many others. The target markets are electronics, audio and video devices. What about the office design I say that there is a lot of modern furniture. Totally the design is very nice and modern. But there are not any excess things. I am a chief manager in this company. 

That is why I should manage the personal and to control their work. The volume of sales is my purpose too. Our business plan will include concept, environment and strategy to improve the efficiency of work of this company. Now I would like to tell you about the company rules. The main rule says that not demand give the birth to the proposal. One should develop new technologies and realize them in available goods. The main motto of Sonny Corporation is Like no Other. Its main products are audio and video devices that are popular all over the world. On March 31, 2015, Sony Corporation employed approximately 12,300 persons. It is a great number. Turnover and sales of Sony Corporation are constantly growing. Of course we can see annual growth rate if we compare with the previous year. There are a lot of competitors of Sony Corporation. For example, iPad, Youtube, Google and many others. 

Of course everyone knows advertising of Sony Corporation. Sometimes it is nice sometimes it is very bright. Without a good advertising it is impossible to achieve many profits. There are many exhibitions and fairs one of the participants of which is the Sony Corporation. It takes part with its innovative developments in the most popular technological exhibitions. At last I would like to mention the plans of this company for the future. Sony Corporation has the purpose to do its profits 25 times bigger by 2017. It is going to build an union IP Life Consortium where enter 10 companies.