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Communication in management in current computing environment

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Essey Communication in management in current computing environment

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The modernization in the system of communication in management and qualitative changes in its core determines the usages of computer programs, sources and database, which can solve problems in communication in the firm, company or industrial enterprise. Thus, we understand that proposed database management systems (DBMs) limited capacity to manage overhead of distributed management communication due to certain failures. These types of failures don’t guarantee the enforcement of transactional properties and which reduces the scalability and availability of these systems. Research in this area proved that scaling out while providing consistency of transactions and guaranteeing availability in the presence of different failures in distributed computing environment is not feasible. Moreover, changes in data access patterns resulting from a new generation of web applications with high scalability and availability guarantees weaker consistency.


There is no single database product or technology which provides the complete solution for data management challenges in computing environment. There are different products (implementations) are being used to target specific database design and implementation issues in communication management. There is always a trade-off in using such technologies in terms of performance, availability, consistency, concurrency, scalability and elasticity. There are some important areas of further research where we still need more attention. It includes the consistency at different scales in a cloud, elastic TM techniques for elastic cloud architectures, performance management, federated databases for federated clouds, and data security in cloud environment, We have analyzed various TM techniques used in current cloud based systems along with the techniques and protocols used by traditional distributed database systems. We have focused on G-Store approach of TM and compared with other existing approaches. G-store can inherit data model from underlying key value store, so its TM technique can also be used on PNUTS, BigTable and Dynamo. The major advantage of G-Store for TM in computing environment is dynamic key grouping which is the requirement of current and future collaborative web application that needs dynamic grouping without prior requirement of specific key orders.

Although, Mstore also have grouping feature but that is static in nature and the key grouping technique where entity groups have specific key ordering is not appropriate for future collaborative web applications. In comparison, all other systems are based on single key access semantics. It is observed that most of the system use WAL as a preferred approach for atomicity and durability requirement of transaction. We can came to the final conclusion that in order to improve the communication links in the organization communication managers are to use all described data-based programs and Internet resources in order to serve them in cloud facilities.