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Cybercrime policy in the European Union

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Essey Cybercrime policy in the European Union

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Cybersecurity occurs in the areas of information and traditional security to combat the sharp rise of cybercrime and, in some cases with signs of cyberwar. Cybersecurity includes protection of information assets by combating security threats of information processed, stored and transmitted in information systems that are combined with the help of networks. Figure 1 shows three key factors that demand cyber security to be improved globally.


To implement the above method operatives do the following:

  • to create a template of the web page, set it on the counter code and place the template on the Internet;
  • to send a message (letter, references while chatting and so on.) to an attacker on this page with the proposal of revision;
  • to check the statistics of visits created by the page counter on the site to establish information about its IP address;
  • to set a provider of Internet services, which network of the IP address belongs to;
  • to locate a computer that was part of cyberspace at the specified time under the established IP address.

2. Involving members of illegal trades in a thematic resource that is specially created to communicate in order to control their communication and getting timely information. This method is implemented in practice at least in two ways:

  • Creation and development online resource for monitoring the activity of its members;
  • Implementation (Recruitment) of one of the active participants of the administrator portal.

3. Study of actual hacking techniques. The method has an aim to create a LAN-bait, which is one of the varieties of traps. Protected resource acts as bait, whose purpose is to act as sounding object of attacks and break-ins by hackers. For this aim created a site that has no meaningful activities (not in use) is created. This means that if someone in such a trap transmit data packet or someone tries to access the resource, then, most likely, such actions are probing, scanning or attack[1].

Thus, despite public opinion about phishing and cyber-attacks methods as criminal activity, there are methods, that may be used in the prevention and fight against crime on the Internet.

[1] European Commission, Joint appeal to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions – EU cyber security strategy: an open, reliable and secure cyberspace, Brussels, 2 July 2013, p. 3 [Internet resource]. Access: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/newsroom/cf/dae/document.cfm?doc_id=1667.


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