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Linguistic features of advertising discourse and possible ways of translating advertisements

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Chapter One

American advertising discourse as source information

1.1 Multilayer definition of the term 'discourse'

1.2 Media-discourse in a discourse paradigm

1.3 Main features of American advertising discourse

1.3.1 'Promotional text' what is it?

1.3.2. Types and kinds of promotional texts

1.3.3 'Slogan' as the most effective form of advertising

1.3.4 Classification of advertising slogans

Chapter two

Advertising text as an object of translating analysis

2.1 Translation and non-translation of the advertising text

2.2 Some problem of translating advertising text

2.3 Methods and techniques of translating advertisements

2.3.1 Phonetic means of expression

2.3.2 Lexical means of expression

2.3.3 Grammar means of expression

2.3.4 Stylistic means of expression

2.4 Analysis of the translation of English advertising texts into the Polish language

Chapter three

The practice of translation of advertising texts and slogans in the Polish language

3.1 Translation of stylistically coloured advertising slogans

3.2 Transformations in translating advertising slogans



Summary in Polish

Key word


In today's world, advertising is increasingly defining the image and lifestyle of humanity. It influences our views, interests, actions, and attitudes to both society and ourselves. A similar result is achieved by using a variety of techniques, namely verbal and non-verbal components. It is also difficult to overestimate the public role of advertising. The daily impacts of advertising on billions of potential consumers contribute not only to purchase benefits. Advertising is becoming part of the social environment involved in setting a certain standard of thinking and social behaviour for different sections of the population in every country and around the world. Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said in this regard, ‘advertising nourishes the consuming power of men. It sets up before a man the goal of a better home, better clothing, better food for himself and his family. It spurs individual exertion and greater production.'

Every time, manufacturers of goods are trying to make something more effective, modern, and powerful advertising strategies for not just selling your product/service, but there's something else - comfort, enjoyment, beauty, warmth, and more.

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does[1] [the referencing system is wrong]

Such scientists have studied the topic: Ofer Tirosh,,,,,,,,,???

The relevance of the chosen topic is explained by the fact that, nowadays, the necessities of selling products play a very significant role in a global market - both for the leaders and for developing countries and increasing exports.

Most of the largest international companies get more than 50% of all total sales of products abroad. One of the key points of these sales is the fastest and effective engagement of local people's interest in a product through effective advertising. The success of any business depends on advertisements, namely well-targeted advertisements, so this is why it is not a simple task for the translator.

The subject of the study is American advertising discourse with a wide range of its functions and characteristics. All material is approximately 50 US promotional messages that have been selected by a continuous sampling method.

The purpose of the diploma thesis is to analyse the techniques of translating texts of American advertisements. According to the purpose of the work, the following tasks are envisaged:

• consider approaches to the definition of advertising text, its properties, and characteristics

• to give a definition of a discourse and advertising discourse

• to describe the main functions of advertisement

• to consider the structure of the verbal component in American advertising discourse.

• to identify the peculiarities of the verbal component in texts of the American advertising discourse;

• to characterize the ways of translation advertising texts and slogans;

• to analyse the translation problem of American advertising texts into Polish language and possible ways to solve them.

• to make a comparative analysis of English to Polish language advertising slogans.

The following methods were used in the process of research: methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, descriptive, topological, structurally-functional, and interdisciplinary research methods.

The novelty of science consists of the fact for the first time on the analysis material advertising texts of English speaking American discourse was determined features of translation of the verbal component and comparing different types of advertising.???????????

The theoretical significance of the chosen topic is due to the important justification of the modern approach to solving problems with translation verbal components advertising message and selection a set of tools, specific to the media discourse, which will be available for use of a particular situation. ????? [ I do not understand this sentence]

The practical value of the results consists of the possibility of their application in the teaching of theoretical courses in lexicology and grammar, English language course, and translation practice. Research materials can also find their application in mass communication when ??? it is creating advertising messages.


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