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Corporate entrepreneurship

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Essey Corporate entrepreneurship

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Corporate entrepreneurship [1] is a special form of entrepreneurship based on a high level of socialization of production, concentration and centralization of capital, which determines the face and quality of the national economy.

The definition of the essence of entrepreneurship was reflected in the works of famous economists Richard Catillon, Jean-Baptiste Sey, Adam Smith and Friedrich von Hayek. The founders of the origin of entrepreneurship are Aoki Masahiko, Max Weber, Douglas Cecil North and others [2].

The formation of corporate entrepreneurship in the conditions of the Russian reality has both positive and negative impact on the socio-economic development of the country and the economy.

Corporate forms of banking and industrial capital unification are able to stabilize the economic and financial situation of the Russian Federation subjects, to promote the combination of regional economic activities, functions of self-reproduction and ensuring a sustainable-reproductive regime of the entire process of macroeconomic development.