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Marketing strategies for the presentation of hotels in the internet using social media and sales services of hotels

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List of Figures and Tables 3

Introduction 5

Literature Review 7

1. Analysis of theoretical approaches to marketing strategy 7

1.1. Overview of marketing strategies 7

1.2.Key elements of marketing strategies 15

2.Analysis of key Internet marketing strategies 19

2.1.Contextual and banner advertising 19

2.2.SEO – optimization 26

3.Hotel brand strategy in social media 32

3.1.Platform communication and activation 32

3.2.Reputation Management in the network 39

3.3.Hotel site as a communication platform with customers 48

3.4.Direct online sales on a hotel website 52

4.Research methodology 56

4.1.Research nature and methods 56

4.2.The aims and objectives of research 62

4.3.Thematic studies of companies 66

4.4.Data collection 69

5.Data analysis and results of the study 84

5.1.Analysis of marketing strategies of leading hotels in the world 84

5.2.Strategies for presentation Ukraine hotels on the Internet 90

5.3.Main trends of hotel Internet marketing 98

6.Conclusions and recommendations 104

6.1.Conclusion 104

6.2.Recommendations 110

References 114

List of Figures and Tables

Figure 1.1 - The marketing strategy of the company as a means to benefit from the competitive advantage

Table 1.1 - Classification of marketing strategies

Figure 1.2 - Development of marketing strategy

Table 2.1. Block types in Google.Adwords and YandexFigure

Figure 2.1. The system of attracting customers through online advertisingFigure

Figure 2.2. Scheme optimization website promotion

Figure 3.1. The hierarchy of the strategy of presence in social media to business strategy

Table 3.1. Property characteristics, paid and earned media

Figure 3.2. The level of confidence in the advertising channels

Table 4.1. Performance indicators promotion of hotels on the social networks

Figure 4.1. New channel for booking on the website Hostelbookers

Figure 4.2. Rating popular booking channels

Figure 4.3. The popularity of third party Web sites for booking hotels

Figure 4.4. Advance booking time limits

Figure 4.5. Active Facebook users, depending on the time of day

Figure 4.6. Active Facebook users, depending on the day of the week

Figure 4.7. Active users of the network VKontakte, depending on the time of day

Figure 4.8. Active users of the network VKontakte, depending on day of week

Figure 4.9. Active users of the network Classmates, depending on the time of day

Figure 4.10. Active users of the network Classmates, depending on day of week

Figure 4.11. Active Internet users Instagram depending on the time of day

Figure 4.12. Active Internet users Instagram depending on day of week

Figure 4.13. Active Twitter users, depending on the time of day

Figure 4.14. Active Twitter users, depending on the day of the week

Figure 4.15. Active users of social networks during the day

Figure 4.16. Active users of social networks during the week

Figure 4.17. Performance indicators promotion of hotels through social networks

Figure 4.18. Some hotels in the village social networks


Today, tourism dominated two trends - increasing the number of independent tourists and strengthening the role of the Internet in making decisions and organizing the trip.

The task which the hotelier faces is the increase of sales numbers directly through the hotel website, which will reduce the cost to attract customers to the hotel, to create and maintain audience loyalty.

The essence of marketing strategy is a combination of elements that help to distribute the limited get the most revenue in the long period of time. Almost all decisions are taken at the company lie in the field of marketing. From the correctness and adequacy of the selected marketing strategy depends on how successfully the business develops and how development will be segments of the market economy.

The relevance of this study is due to the fact that the marketing strategies of modern hotels with internet technologies are the key to maximizing profits. These problematic issues are the complexity of all the features of functioning of the organization and related specific risks.

The aim of this study is to examine the features of marketing strategies for the presentation of hotels in the internet using social media to promote the services of hotels

Based on the goal in the work following tasks are resolved:

  • Analysis of theoretical approaches to marketing strategy hotels;
  • Analysis of the key strategies internet marketing;
  • Research of features of brand strategy at the social media;
  • Conduct practical research on the effectiveness of marketing strategies for the presentation of hotels in the internet using social media;
  • Systematization of best practice marketing strategies of the leading hotels in the world;
  • Analysis of strategy presentations hotels in Ukraine on the Internet;
  • Definition of the main trend s of hotel Internet marketing;
  • Development of practical recommendations for hotels Internet marketing being improved with social media.

The object of research are particular marketing strategies of hotels.

The subject of research is the use of social media strategy in a complex internet marketing modern hotels.

To solve the problem, we used the conventional methods of scientific knowledge and research: monographic (when considering the theoretical foundations of the study and scientific approaches to developing a marketing strategy), induction and deduction (in the analysis of trends of development strategies hotels) survey, comparison, analysis and synthesis ( during the practical study of the effectiveness of marketing strategies for the presentation of hotels in the internet using social media), quantitative and qualitative analysis, economic-mathematical methods of investigation (in evaluating the results of research) summarize (in determining the main trends of hotel Internet marketing), modeling and forecasting the development of practical recommendations for Internet marketing being improved hotels using social media) and others.

The information base for the study are the works of local and foreign scientists in the field of formation of marketing strategy hotels, statistical data and the financial statements, the information from the sites of hotels worldwide. The practical significance of the work lies in the possibility of using its results to improve the formation of internet marketing Ukrainian hotels using social media.na international markets.


On the base of the received results of studies of marketing strategy characteristics of hotels in social networks there can be offered four ways of making users of social networks into real hotel guests.

Everyone knows that in our age more and more customers share their experiences in social networks - both bad and good. Hotels use the content of their guests to find new customers both for marketing purposes and engaging guests in the hotel life. Hotelier.PRO introduces the experience of foreign colleagues.

It is proved that the usual methods of finding, creating and distributing adequate content that would attract visitors from social networks to hotels are too time-consuming. Besides, they require serious technical knowledge and creative efforts.

How can hoteliers encourage customers to create positive feedback about their stay in the hotel? It is necessary to collect good reviews in one place and start showing them to other guests:

It is possible to highlight such wall on the screens in the foyer or on TV screens in the rooms and display photos and tweets of your guests! For example, a hotel can show a wall with pictures of their guests’ registration in Instagram or their tweets in order to encourage other clients to do the same. Guests will not be against such unexpected fame to appear on all screens for the whole fifteen seconds! The more content your customers create the more the hotel will have it for the future marketing campaigns. It is a pleasure for everyone.

Hotel Four Seasons Dallas at the Independence Day launched patriotic pictures on all screens in the lobby and the guests began to take an active part. More than 150 guests published their posts in a public group of the hotel, the coverage was more than 243.000 of views, with the first 100 thousand occurred in the first three days, and Public of the hotel in Instagram scored dozens of new subscribers.

There is another way: network hotels offer their guests to make the best pictures of their stay at the hotel and upload them tagging geographic location. The photos are then placed at the registration table and the best photographer is offered a free night in a hotel! What are the results? The walls in social networks of your guests around the world are full of reports about your hotel; people upload photos that attract new customers. This is an excellent addition to the clock which usually hangs over the registration counter in all hotels.

But underneath, you can find a photo of your guests in your hotel chain in Shanghai, San Francisco, Tokyo and San Juan.

2. Increasing website conversion through unique content of social networks.

As a rule, potential guests do not just study the facilities of the hotel before booking a room, they are guided by feedback and recommendations. Therefore, the hotels can take advantage of walls in social networks to raise their traffic. This can be done by collecting positive posts about the hotel in the network, placing it on the page of the hotel booking website. You can also create Public of the hotel in Facebook or Instagram, to inform customers about the news or discounts using positive hashtags which was created by your customers. People like originality and authenticity.

Of course, all this will benefit your guests, because this information is vital and is located in the right place, the guests do not have to look for it. Do you want creativity? You can upload a virtual tour of your board in Pinterest or hashtags in Twitter which describe interesting events in the city, among other things! Using the content of social networks on your website and showing it to your guests, while they are deciding to book a room or not, will create a positive factor in your favor.

3. Getting profits from events and sponsorship content

Besides increasing the level of involvement and purchasing, the walls in social networks will help to get an additional source of income. There are two possibilities. First, the hotel can offer its walls in social networks to organizers of different events or as an additional resource during conferences, conventions, weddings, parties, collecting donations or corporate meetings. Social networks can be displayed through projectors, shown on monitors or highlighted through video cubes. Organizers like this, because their guests enjoy socializing and they get an opportunity to evaluate the success of the event.

Secondly, the hotels can sell advertisements on their walls in social networks and place local businessmen’s ads or sponsor content. Since the parties in social networks attract people's attention the local amusement park will benefit from such advertising. Your hotel can place sponsorship content, such as photos of a happy family who had a great day in the theme park! You can sell advertising to local tour companies, theaters, or five-star restaurants. Therefore, your hotel will be able to earn additional income and improve its profitability. Speaking of social profitability of social networks, finally, there is the best information.

4. Increasing the number of reservations with the help of guest photos and call for action

It takes too long for most potential customers to get from the content in social networks to booking pages. That is why it is worth placing the button: ‘Book now!’ on the wall in the social networks. This call to action will increase the amount of traffic and online booking. The less time a customer will have to move from page to page the higher the chance of purchase is. It is called profit from social networks (from the content created by your customers). Below you will see the results. All you need is to collect your guests’ photos with hashtags from Instagram / Twitter, add a button ‘Book now!’ which will take visitors to the reservation page. And immediately place this all on your site to raise traffic.

In 2015, growth of using visual aids is expected increase, especially videos and slide shows both on websites and in social networks. After all, the human brain perceives visual content by 60.000 faster than a text. The most innovative global hotel brands already use visible images, also called neuro-marketing, to communicate with customers and create more emotional relationship with them. They motivate customers to create their visual content for their marketing campaigns as well.

This year, in order not to get lost in the network, there is no need to increase specifically your advertising budget. Instead, analyze the data obtained through different social networks and create more successful visual campaigns in which you will convey the same key message through different channels.

The main trend of hotel marketing in 2015 is optimization, visualization, automation.

Despite the fact that in 2015, the year it is difficult for many businesses to keep their place and not get to get lost in a global network, it does not mean that your advertising budget is to grow sufficiently. We are confident that today it is worth investing in mobile services, approaching to advertising campaigns creatively and communicating more tightly with guests online. Management of social networking data gives hoteliers an unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable information on improving every aspect of hotel services, which in turn will help to spend money properly, increase customer loyalty and bring additional revenue.

People share their experiences and opinions in all social networks. Connecting this content on one wall- party get together is a great step. Its proper use may open up new marketing opportunities for you. At the moment, the walls in social networks are becoming one of the most powerful tools of advertising. Pay attention to your wall in social networks and work on it so that the guests can be interested in your content!


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