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Aviation industry on social media

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Diploma Aviation industry on social media

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In my work, I investigated the impact of people's feedback on social networks about the work of various airlines, namely how they affect their reputation.

To date, this is very important, because in the network often ill-wishers write untrue comments about the work of companies. This is very common. So competitors freely respond negatively about the activities of a particular company.

In the course of the work, original research based on information located on the Internet is conducted.

At the end of the project, I draw conclusions, as well as give recommendations, what contributions could be made to eliminate the identified problems.

Table of Content

Declaration of Authorship. 2

Acknowledgements 3

Abstract. 4

Chapter 1: Introduction.. 6

1.1 Problem Formulation.. 6

1.2 Goal and objectives of the Thesis. 6

1.3 Dissertation Layout. 7

Chapter 2: Summary of Literature Review.. 8

2.1 Branding.. 8

2.2. Branding history of British Airways. 20

2.3 Airline industry in social media. 22

2.4 Case study of United Airlines. 24

Chapter 3: Body of Thesis. 32

3.1 Data and Methodology. 32

3.2 Research Design.. 32

3.3 Research Approach.. 32

3.4 Data Collection.. 32

3.5 Survey Construction.. 33

3.6 Structure of Questionnaire.. 33

3.7 Methodology. 33

Chapter 4: Findings. 47

4.1 Result and Discussion.. 47

4.2 Reliability Analysis. 51

Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations. 53

References. 56

Appendices. 58

Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations

To eliminate the incorrect and tactless behavior of staff, staff should be upgraded.

This is one of the most important and long stages. This includes the analysis of channels and tools of communication and practices at all stages of the employee's life cycle in the company (recruitment, adaptation, development, etc.); diagnostics of how current employees, top management (company leaders) assess the strengths and reasons for choosing a company as an employer; differences of the company as an employer from others, as well as external candidates, potential employees see and perceive the company. In addition, factors that motivate job seekers in the market to choose an employer are important, and what formats, channels of job search for them are familiar.

At this stage it is important to assess the competitive environment: how they position themselves in the labor market and promote themselves as employers. For example, at the current moment in the industry the least companies write about the immediate content of the work, the interesting tasks and advantages of the company itself as a business (pride in product, leadership, scale, significance for the industry, etc.), and the most frequently encountered items are hygienic basic factors of working conditions and social package. [1]

It is important to note that the launch of the campaign must be carried out on internal and external sites. An example of an excellent video that inspires and tunes to the employer brand is Airbus. In it, the company broadcasts its core values, as well as the quality of its employees.

If a company launches a career site or page on a corporate website, it is important to remember that access to this page is as simple and straightforward as possible - it can be a button "Work in the company" or with any other clear name for applicants in the very first access screen. On the page itself there should be an opportunity to see the company's value proposition, advantages, employee histories and an immediate opportunity to respond to the company. Often on the career sites either a minimum of information is posted with the electronic address of the personnel department, or many different vacancies, but there is no response capability. For applicants it is important that there is a minimum number of steps in response.

Of the examples, how companies are unconventional approach to translating their advantages and value proposition, can lead Airbus. Airbus has a separate section of women's success stories in the company (which is important if the company is focusing on this audience), an interactive test on the knowledge and compliance of the company and even a short series from the life of the Airbus development team.

If the company actively works with social networks and promotes the employer brand, it is recommended to create a separate page aimed at career topics, as it is done, for example, in the United Engine Corporation, which launched the "Engines of the Future" page. When promoting in social networks, it is important to openly display the value proposition and the creative concept so that visitors to the page can immediately see the key message - this, for example, can be a picture and a slogan in the group's cap. Further, the content-plan of the group ideally should also correspond and reflect the value proposition and, of course, the tasks of promotion.

Promotion of the employer brand is never a finished project, just like life itself, we can only measure the effectiveness of promotion, for example, by calculating how much the number of suitable candidates at the entrance or the recognition of the company has increased. Always keep your finger on the pulse in order to correct the course in time, understand what works, which tool should be removed and which one to strengthen. An effective result can be achieved only with the regular evaluation and monitoring of the success of the employer brand. As a recommendation, we recommend that you regularly monitor reviews on the Internet, as this provides a quick assessment of the relationship of the labor market to the company. [4]

Conclusion on each Objective of the study:

In the light of the prime objective of the study, several objectives were developed that discussed about the aspects of realism, impaired gaming experience, deceptive advertisement, brand remembrance, and effectiveness of the ad. These dimensions gave rise to several hypothesis of this study.

Consider the results of the survey conducted on the site surveymonkey.com (see Attachment).


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