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Evaluation of the efficiency of the procurement system "Salym Petroleum Development N.V.

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Diploma Evaluation of the efficiency of the procurement system "Salym Petroleum Development N.V.

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Introduction. 3

1...... Theoretical part 6

1.1. The situation in the market of oilfield services. 6

1.2. The goals and principles of company “Salym Petroleum Development”. 14

2...... Evaluation of the company's purchasing system.. 18

2.1. Evaluation of the procurement procedure in SPD.. 18

2.2. Persons involved in procurement activities. 20

2.3. Features of concluding contracts in SPD.. 23

2.4. Features of execution of contracts in SPD.. 31

2.4.1. Features of the form and content of the contract 32

2.4.2. Contract Supervision Activities. 38

3. Evaluation of the efficiency of the procurement system using the example of the analysis of contracts. 43

3.1. Main Indicators of the purchasing system.. 43

3.2. Key performance indicators of the procurement system.. 47

3.3. Dynamics of the contract’s value. 48

3.4. Asset allocation by directions of production. 51

3.5. Analysis of contracts in value terms. 53

Conclusion. 56

Bibliography. 59

Appendices. 62


The fuel and energy complex of Russia (hereinafter referred to as "FEC") is one of the most rapidly developing industries in the country. Russian fuel and energy companies work for both domestic and foreign markets, providing energy resources to many countries around the world. The Russian oil industry, which is one of the main sources of export earnings, is the largest customer of goods and services for other sectors of the economy. The structure has formed around the oil industry that provides employment and profit to a large number of service companies. The country's need for services to develop deposits and ensure oil production is extremely high. Performing all service work on the deposits is carried out by service companies whose services need to be effectively purchased. Thus, the efficiency of procurement of service companies as a whole determines the effective operation of the fuel and energy complex of the country, which determines the relevance of the research topic.

Against the backdrop of the increase in the volume of service works, as well as their complication and appreciation, there is a tendency to allocate service functions from the activities of oil producing organizations to contractual services, which contributes to the rapid growth of the service market in Russia. Since the competitiveness of the oil and gas industry in the world depends on the modern technologies used in it, the development of the contract services market in Russia can become a mechanism for transforming the raw development of our economy into a technological one.

The practical significance of the research is that, in conditions of a rapidly growing market for contracting services, it becomes necessary for oil companies to implement effective contract management tools for contractual services, since in the performance of servicing by contracting organizations, the risks for the customer are significantly increased.

The purpose of the work is to evaluate the efficiency of the procurement system of company "Salym Petroleum Development N.V. " (hereinafter - SPD).

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

• Analysis of the structure, dynamics of the development of the contract services market;

• Analysis of the general motives of the company SPD in the field of deducing services in contractual services;

• Analysis of the company's contract strategy;

• Analysis of the company's procedures for the award, conclusion and execution of contracts for contractual services;

• Determination of the available indicators of the effectiveness of the procurement system in the company;

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of the procurement system for selected performance indicators;

• Development of recommendations for optimization of the company's procurement system

The object of the study are the procurement of contracting services for oil companies.

The subject of the study is the specifics of awarding, concluding and executing contracts for contractual services in company "Salym Petroleum Development N.V. "

To achieve this goal, the market first examines the market for oil and gas production in Russia, then analyzes the activities in this market of the oil company SPD, as well as its main features, the specific nature of the company's purchases, and their effectiveness.

The work consists of an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion.

The introduction proves the relevance of the research topic, the practical significance of the work, the purpose and tasks assigned to the author.

In the first chapter, the oil industry is viewed as a system, and the services market is viewed as an inseparable part of this system. From this position, statistical data on the position of forces in this market, its structure and dynamics of development are analyzed.

The second chapter evaluates the procurement procedures for SPD, and examines the main features and problems of awarding, concluding and executing contractual contracts for SPD.

In the third chapter, using statistical indicators of procurement efficiency, a statistical sample of the company's contracts is evaluated.

In conclusion, the main conclusions of the work are reviewed, as well as recommendations for improving the procurement process in SPD.


With the development of the oil industry in Russia, the need has been determined to single out an independent market for servicing oil production. The analysis, carried out in the first chapter of this thesis, showed that this market has been successfully developing in recent years, and this trend is beneficial both for oil production operators and for independent service companies.

The analysis of the contract service market for oil production also showed that, along with the objective need to introduce service functions for contractual services, for oil companies contracting contractual services, the management of such contracts becomes much more complicated, since risks of various kinds appear. In order to minimize these risks, oil companies establish strict control over the processes of concluding and executing contracts, using various instruments for this.

In particular, the analysis of the contract management process used by Salym Petroleum Development showed that such tools and mechanisms for managing the process of concluding and executing contracts help to significantly reduce the risks for the company and allow it to successfully follow its goals and objectives without departing from the principles, adopted in the organization.

At the same time, the mechanisms provided for at the stage of contracting (before awarding it to the contractor) enable the organization to optimize the choice of contractors in the most effective way and minimize the risk of choosing a contractor that does not meet the company's requirements.

As for the instruments for control over the execution of contracts, they are also well developed and provide strict regulation of contract work, and also help to identify those areas of contract performance in which further optimization is possible. Thus, the procedure used by Salym Petroleum makes it possible to achieve maximum commercial effectiveness of contracts, and also obliges contractors to follow the high standards for quality management, labor protection, safety and the environment adopted by SPD.

No less important is the atmosphere of mutually beneficial cooperation with contractors, supported by Salym Petroleum, as it contributes not only to a conscientious partnership, but also helps the development of both the oilfield service market and promotes the development of new services in contract organizations. In addition, this feature of relations with the contractor allows to increase the competitiveness of both the companies participating in the exchange of knowledge and experience, and the oil and gas industry of the economy as a whole, since the contribution to the development of new services increases the level of technological development of the entire service market and related industries. This is because, as already noted in this paper, the oil and gas industry of the economy in Russia is an inseparable system, the change in parts of which leads to a change in it. Since service organizations do not exist in isolation from their customers and suppliers, but are built into already established industrial groups of enterprises, the innovative development of some companies will entail the development of all other markets in the industry.

Having analyzed the features of contract work of Salym Petroleum, I came to the conclusion that the process of managing the conclusion and execution of contracts applied in this organization is very specific and uncharacteristic for many SPD competitors on the Russian market, since the company uses the world experience of the transnational concern Shell - one of the shareholders of Salym Petroleum. Therefore, mechanisms for monitoring work on contracts for contractual services may not be applicable in other oil-producing organizations. The world experience of a foreign company in some aspects is not entirely suitable for use in a Russian oil producing organization. The result may be too rigid application of certain standards and requirements of the company, which are not always justified in the Russian market.

The analysis showed that the procedures used in the selection of the contractor and in the execution of the contract, allow to achieve a reduction in the price of the contract, which brings additional profit to the company. But, in my opinion, the lack of a clear division of services into categories does not allow the company to effectively allocate resources and assets to contracts. Also, the asymmetry of information does not allow you to anticipate the cost of the contract in advance, which distorts the process of forming the strategy, as well as all subsequent procedures, since they are all based on the contract price. Therefore, as a recommendation for the SPD company to improve the process of contract management, it is possible to single out the use not only of a systemic, but also a situational approach to work with contracts for contractual services in the Russian oil production market. It is the use of the situational approach that will allow the company to further lower the costs of selecting suppliers, as this will shorten the time of the tender procedure and make it more transparent. Nevertheless, a preliminary estimate of the company's costs for the model contract allows you to predict the amount of risks and costs, even in the case of framework contracts for which the final and estimated prices differ by a factor of several.


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