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Human personality and real life experience

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An individual is defined by his/her personality traits, therefore whatever your personality is that’s who you are. Additionally, a person’s personality is mainly influenced by those he/she perceives as mentors or in some cases some past or present life experience.

However, personality cannot be conclusively based on these aspects because there other underlying factors that will define your personality as will be observed in the article. Each day people tend to assess others based on their personality has resulted in establishments of various theories that try to explain why some traits of personality development in the first place. Therefore, what is personality? Personality can be defined as a model of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that is self-motivated and is mainly influenced by an individual’s cognition, motivation, and emotions.

These characteristics of personality are the ones that make everyone unique, this means that the different things that you do will define your uniqueness, such as the way you drive, laugh, walk, talk and eat are all defining aspects of your unique personality. In this article, you will understand the core elements of personality and how they influence our daily life and also the future.

Personality is mainly perceived as to integrate various factors and explains various factors in an individual. Therefore, personality will explain why in normal cases every person reacts differently to a similar condition. When the different person came across an abusive person you will find out that one will start hauling back abusive words to the individual but the other will just distance himself from them or in some cases try to stop them from insulting each other. Additionally, personality also explains the consistency of behavior. This means that based on the individual’s personality it is easy to predict what will happen when they come across a certain condition.