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Marketing activities for the implementation of China's cell phone market, made in Germany

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Marketing research - is a complex multi-step process that requires deep knowledge of the object of study, the accuracy and timeliness of the results is the successful functioning of the enterprise largely depends.

Every company that wants to have a chance to survive in the event of any significant changes in the competitive situation must constantly analyze their competitive position in relation to the members of its strategy group and the other groups. In this regard, the study of competition is an essential task of the marketing department of any firm. Herein lies the relevance of the topic.

The object of the course work are the company's competitors are producing mobile phones. The subject - directly development research program of cellular phones competing firms. The aim of this work is to study the competitors' products.


As can be seen, the Chinese mobile market is booming today. There is still a high level of production of mobile phones to the mobile industry's largest players. However, the growing number and, most importantly, the quality of the products of own manufacturing companies. Along with the long-known, there are also new names.

So far, the credit of the Chinese manufacturers is only one significant achievement in the mobile industry as a whole scale. We are talking about the development of the segment "dual" cell phones that can work with two SIM-cards. The idea is not an invention of the companies from China (that honor belongs to the Finnish Benefon and its ancient phone Twin of 2000). However, they were able to, in effect, create a niche for such devices generate a steady interest in the "dual" phones - first in the domestic market, and today, it turns out, and on other mobile markets. And Russia in this case is almost not a priority, with its operator outlaws, poured into excess amount of the number of subscribers of the country's population.

Celestial today regarded not just as a huge assembly hall for large international companies. There were and continue to appear independent players able to offer original products. Competitiveness is it not so high as we would like to Chinese manufacturers. However, the recent rapid progress - and certainly will progress further.


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