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The post-industrial society we are living in makes high demand for business structure. It must be very flexible and at the same time very strong and may be conservative business formation that can survive in the present cruel business environment.

Different business areas of activity have their own requirements to companies working in. Sometimes we are not able to keep up with so many changes in surrounding environment. Each past day is full of micro changes and companies have to attentive to these changes in order to stay in a business and to be as a leader.

But in spite of everything very successful business formation mast keep it’s attention on the leadership as one the efficient way to stay in a top of business.

That is why the issue of proper usage of leadership practice in real business situations is very important and sometimes vitally important task for most of highly developed companies.

Modern business education pays great attention to the theories of leadership as the fundamental practices of behavior in difficult situations.

The concept of leadership and its different concept first arose in Western social psychology on the basis of empirical studies of small groups. Many researchers have studied leadership as a socio-psychological phenomenon from different points of view, highlighting a particular aspect of it.

Early theories of leadership emphasis on what quality differences between leaders and followers exist while the more recent theories looks at other aspects such as situational factors and the level of intelligence and knowledge.

The purpose of this case is to look through the specific situation in the company, to identify contentious issues in the management and to develop the recommendations for their elimination.

The focus of this case study is the company GeoAnalysis Ltd/

As a dynamic internet business, GeoAnalysis Ltd has been privately owned for nearly 25 years. The business has been very successful and has grown rapidly over this period of time. However, in the past 6 months sales have been falling rapidly and staff turnover is very high (over 35%). The sales team seems to be very demotivated and the senior managers and Executive Team (including the CEO (who owns the business), the joint CEO, Managing Director, Marketing Director, Finance Director, IT Director) seem to spend more time on internally focused work rather than understanding the clients and the client-facing teams in the field. As a consequence, the company is considering borrowing finance for the first time in its history. The atmosphere is tense and the owner is concerned that this downturn in sales might put the business under. The Executive Team are under pressure.