This graduation thesis Host`s Speech of the Authorial TV Shows as an Object of Translation deals with the linguistic and cultural aspects of gastronomic discourse, as well as studies issues of translating gastronomic media texts from English into Russian. Gastronomic discourse is one of the most popular in social communication. Food as a part of every culture and the most important component of the mentality of the peoples all over the world has a great interest for the researches, because dissimilarity in gastronomic customs and traditions of different cultures create difficulties for intercultural communication and translation.

The object of the research is the speech of Jamie Oliver as a host of British cooking shows.

The subject of the research is pragmatically determined strategies and translation techniques used in the translation of the Jamie Oliver speech in several cooking shows into Russian.

The aim of this graduation thesis is to analyze peculiarities of audiovisual translation within the gastronomic discourse which influence the way it is performed and translation strategies applied.

The research consists of the introduction, two chapters (theoretical – dedicated to the comparison of gastronomic worldviews of Russia and Great Britain, peculiarities of the audiovisual translation as well as social and pragmatic aspects of culinary shows host`s speech, and practical – analyses lexical and style peculiarities of the Jamie Oliver`s speech in the culinary shows and pragmatic adaptation of its` translation), conclusion and bibliography, including 128 references.

The results show that during the audiovisual translation of the Jamie Oliver`s culinary shows the most frequent translation techniques are omission (30%), exotization (26%), explication (19%), calquing (13%), substantiation (8%) and generalization (4%).

It was concluded that translation strategies help to transfer audiovisual product from one culture to another in accordance with its pragmatic intentions, and are viewed in the situational context as well as in wider global meaning.